He Snores Like a Drunken Sailor

Chewie was adopted by a wonderful couple in Shell Beach after having a very rough start in an abusive home. He was so anxious his mom had a bit of project on her hands getting him to relax and enjoy life normally. We just got a progress report from his mom that we wanted to share with you.

“Hi Elizabeth!

Chance Curled up in bed

I just saw the newsletter that you sent out, and thought that it would be a good idea to send you an update on Chance (formerly Chewie).  We’ve almost had him for two months now, and I could not imagine our lives without him.  He is 99% less anxious than when we first got him.  He’s able to just lay down and cuddle all day and be a lazy little pup, which is amazing.  When I first met him, I would never have imagined him doing this- but right now he is curled up sleeping under my arm.  He’s a pampered little man now.

Chance at the Beach

We go to the beach all the time and he loves it.  His favorite part is meeting kids- whenever he sees little kids he starts whining and trying to get to them.  He’s very gentle with them and loves playing with them.  He knows “sit” and “stay” and he taps his ball before it gets thrown for him.  He goes running downstairs and sits at the front door when “Puppy Walk” is announced.  And he and Max, our other cocker spaniel, are friends who are growing more and more attached every day.  Max got stung by a bee last week and he only wanted to curl up next to Chance, and Chance was so worried about Max- he was as anxious as the first day that we met him.

Chancey sleeps in between Trevor and I every single night, and he is a little cuddle monkey.  When he gets tired and decides that it’s bedtime he starts digging at the covers and talking to us.  He won’t get under the covers until the light is out, but once he does he is asleep in 5 seconds flat and he snores like a little drunken sailor.  He is a part of our family and we love him so much.
Chance and Max

I also wanted to let you know that we spread the gospel of rescue and Second Chance Cocker Rescue specifically.  I meet so many people at the beach and at the dog park who compliment me on my beautiful well behaved dogs, and I always tell them that they are both rescues.  A lot of people are surprised that there are rescues for specific breeds, and a lot of people are surprised that rescues can be well behaved and ‘normal’.  So I always tell them about your work and encourage them to adopt.  So many people tell us that our dogs are lucky that we adopted them, and I always always tell them that WE are the lucky ones.  Thank you so much for rescuing our little man until we could find him.  He’s a forever part of our family.

The pictures are of Chance in bed under his blankets with some tennis balls (he loves being in tons of blankets and still seems amazed that there is a whole basket of toys!), Max and Chance together, and Chance having fun at the beach.  If you ever want to tell our story as a success story for fundraising, that would be fine with us.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Linnie and Trevor (and Chance and Max)”

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