Dear Joann,

Dear Joann,

Thank you for helping me find a new home here with Cynthia, I like it here!  Right away – I used the doggy door and kept sticking my head out outside to see all the pretty flowers. Last night I started to miss some of the other dogs, so Cynthia took me for a long walk. She stroked my fur a lot and rubbed my ears. We walked up and down 5 blocks in her neighborhood and she showed me all of the cool spots ‘frequented’ by the neighborhood dogs. She told me not to worry –  I’ll be a ‘neighborhood’ dog soon. Then, I got to meet one of the neighbor dogs – who was very friendly — and I stared down one of the neighbor cats until she backed up and ran the other way – ha ha.

Dinner was yummy, I scarfed it down and even got a couple of treat after our walk – very cool. We played fetch with some fuzzy dog toys and I have a brand new Nylabone to chew on. Whew, I was so TIRED from all of the activity, I fell asleep on the cool hardwood floor before bedtime. We went for another walk late so I could go potty again and I got to sleep alongside her on her cozy bed – so comfy. She calls me Lenny Benny, I guess that’s OK until she decides on another name for me.

This morning, I was very quiet until Cynthia woke up and we took an early walk so I could do my business and then another longer one after breakfast – gobbled that up, too. She said she was proud of me because I didn’t have an accident last night. We walked all the way down M Street through the Fab 40’s and back — before the joggers and bicyclists took over M Street. I met a couple other neighborhood dogs and some of their pet parents – they all liked my curly ears. This morning, I  explored all around the backyard and saw a hummingbird – I just stared and stared at it before it flew off. I even ‘helped’ Cynthia plant some Fall flowers in the backyard. Then, I practiced using the doggy door into her office – it even has a fence on the ramp so I can’t fall off – awesome!

Cynthia is working on her computer, and I took a nap under her desk until I found a sunny spot on the area rug by the glass back door – and snoozed away. She said we’ll go on another walk before it warms up – yay. Guess what, we’re going to doggy obedience classes at the SPCA soon and I’m REALLY going to try to not pull on the leash – there’s just so much to sniff and see, but I will try. We’ll send another update soon, please say hi to Addy and all the other cockers for me!! XO.

Lenny Benny

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