Another Happy Ending!

Trigger and Kaitlyn
Trigger and Kaitlyn

We have renamed Archie, “Trigger” and it just fits his bouncy personality perfectly. I take him on walks every day and he has so much energy he loves playing ball all the time with the family…In between catching the ball and bringing us all of my little sister’s stuffed animals, he loves to catch flies! He totally runs around the house for an hour or so a day trying to catch flies, and is even successful sometimes!…He sleeps at the foot of my bed every night and we snuggle in the morning.  Well, we snuggle for as long as I keep scratching him :)…He gets along great with my other dogs, and even plays with our hound, who is 4 times his size.  It is so funny to watch him put his little butt in the air then just bolt and my other dog chases him! They have fun together… I love coming home to him each night and every day my mom calls me to tell me the funny thing he did while I was at school! I love him and am blessed to have him.

Merry Christmas!
Kaitlin and Trigger

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