From Pound Puppy to Service Dog

Dresden, is standing proud in his Service Dog In Training vest. Not too long ago he was abandoned in a shelter just another unwanted dog waiting do be adopted or die depending on how crowed the shelter was that day.  Well, it was his lucky day because we saw him and snatched him up. Then his luck continued because his foster mom Alicia fell in love and decided to make him a permanent addition to her life. Now he is repaying her by becoming her service dog.

He is learning how to go with Alicia into stores, coffee houses, friends houses, and, his personal favorite, travel with her and stay in hotels. To be a service dog he must pass his Canine Good Citizenship test and learn two things that help his mom with her disability. He is learning to pick up her keys and other items she drops and to wake her up when he hears a smoke alarm or the clock alarm. Next he will be taught to open and close drawers, closets, and many other things.

We are very proud of Dresden and the work  he does. He is a shining example of what rescue dogs are capable of.

Donation In Honor Of Dresden

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