Susie Loves Belly Rubs

susie2Completely blind this poor mite was found by a good Samaritan wandering, frantic and disoriented by a Sacramento Marin. When they spoke to people near by they were told she had been seen being dumped out of a car that raced off.  They were afraid she would fall in the water and drown so they took her home and called us. Susie, turned out to be about 4 years old, not spayed and already had mature cataracts and glaucoma. We need to get her eyes evaluated to see what, if anything, can be done for her sight.

In the mean time her foster mom reports that she is alert, incredibly sweet and loving.  She LOVES belly rubs and to be in your lap and will give  you endless kisses if you let her!

Donations towards Susie’s medical bills.

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