Sometimes It Just Takes One Person

Daisy Mae was just a picture on the shelter website for week after week. Emails about her circulated, first the Cocker groups but she was not a Cocker so we suggested they contact the Springer rescues. They didn’t think she looked much like a Springer and the English Cocker rescue did not want her because she was no English Cocker either.  In the mean time she waited and waited for someone to care enough to rescue her before the shelter decided she was not worth keeping anymore. That is when Kim decided to go to bat for her and argued that she need to come to SCCR. Daisy was supposedly 11 year sold and not in great health but we love Kim, so for her, we pulled Daisy.

Erica Picking Up Daisy From The Shelter

The minutes we met her we saw what Kim saw in her. She was so sweet and so cute. She was much smaller than her picture looked and the vets said she was more like 7 or 8 than 11 but her teeth were terrible. Her breath could knock you over. That girl needed a dental!! Most of her teeth were abscessed and would need to be removed. Those kind of procedures cost $800 to $1000.  Kim talked to Lana who agreed to donate the money for her dental.


Daisy Mae cleaned up beautifully and now she is ready to be listed under the adoptable dogs. Pretty soon she will have her forever home all thanks to Kim. Sometimes it just takes one person to save a life.
Help us save a  life….make a donattion in honor of Daisy Mae

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