Destiny, Pestiny, Bestiny

This is an open letter to SCCR and to those who donate to them. I felt it was important for people to know where your donations go.
DestinyI received a call from Elizabeth Mazzetti fall of 2014.  She had a little girl cocker that they had rescued and days later had to have emergency blood transfusions due to bleeding internally.
I had just lost Tristan….when Elizabeth called and said she had this little baby girl who needed a hospice home.  First I said “No!”  I was told she had adrenal cancer, Post Cherry eye surgery that didn’t take,  vena cava tumor and days to weeks to live. I realized this little girl needed some love and comfort.  So then I said yes!
I received this little pitiful girl, so weak, so sick, so heart broken she was put into a playpen.  I have a white golden who is a therapy dog, for people and dogs.  He wanted to keep her safe.  I was so afraid of picking her up at first.  The play pen lasted a few hours before she was on the bed with us.
She still had the 28 staples in her tummy from a surgery.  When I got the transcripts of her surgery, it basically said they opened her up, saw so many masses, tumors, and closed her back up.  SCCR still took her in, wanted to give her the care and love that she needed until the end.
I had this little girl for 68 weeks.  I am going to repeat that 68 weeks!  She became the img001queen of our pack, loved the dog park, learned the agility course, wearing hats, never met anyone she didn’t love, (Except squirrels, she hated squirrels)
We had our ups and downs health wise, but she always sprang back.  I had 3 different vets tell me she must of had been misdiagnosed or she would have been dead already.  When they saw the medical reports, from 2 different experts they would just shake their head.
She loved wearing a pink cow girl hat and cat food.  Towards the end she figured out how to tunnel under the fence and get the neighbors cat food.  She had her last ultra sound in October.  Her cancer had metastasized to her liver and it was so enlarged people thought she was pregnant and would feed her, which made her want to get out more.  (You know cockers and food!) I always knew she was out roaming when I would find her hat in the driveway!  (I triple fenced her escape route!)
She lived out her life with us in a very special way.  She became a hostess for other cockers on route to their forever homes, even was made an honorary Girl Scout and befriended a girl also named Destiny!
Christmas-15-1She got to visit with Santa, not once, but twice!
This little girl was able to be medically treated and loved by the help of people who donate.  Her lives touched many!  I still grieve for her, but her life would not have been possible without people who care.  Thank you for giving us Destiny!
~Lynn1933310_10208777541181691_3275851634575215078_o (1)
Destiny ended up living not days or weeks but over a year because she had the best care in the best Santuary home we have. If you ever want to know where your donations go, they go to dogs like Destiny.
Please make a donation in honor of Destiny for our Sanctuary kids. Thank you.

2 Comments on “Destiny, Pestiny, Bestiny

  1. What a wonderful story of love, and shows to prove dogs hang on to every ounce of love they get and love does miracles!! God Bless you Lynn and Destiny our miracle Cocker…may you be roaming the grasslands of heaven chasing those squirrels to your heart’s content. I applaud Second Chance Cocker Rescue for all they do!

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