Rocky Is Now Eating Like A Horse

RockyYesterday Rocky was sitting in the Lancaster shelter, no eating, could barely stand by himself and had until 5pm before he ran out of time. Thanks to Kim Johnson who convinced us to pull him, Caitlen and Holly who raced to the shelter before they closed and the extra care he got from Kathy at Oasis, he is now eating like a horse and feeling quite perky!

His teeth are rotten so we offered him some mushy canned food, gave him fluids and a cushy place to sleep. We will get him groomed, give him a dental and see what else is up with him before he will be ready for a foster home. He is 14+ years old and has earned a spot in our sanctuary program.  Anyone interested?

Donations to help pay for Rocky’s medical care:

Update on Rocky:

We don’t have a new picture of Rocky yet….(working on it) but we do have an update on his status. The vet report that came back was very positive. also kind of appalling. Rocky was not eating and having trouble standing by himself. But as soon as we got him out of the shelter and fed him bowls of mushy food he was chowing down. We also gave him fluids. The vet reports that he was just suffering from starvation and dehydration. We don’t know when or who but he hadn’t eaten for a week when we got him and had no water for several days. Probably because he was so weak from not eating he couldn’t get up to get the water. He is down to 13 lbs when he should be up at 25 lbs. He is getting plenty of food, water and TLC and he already looks and feels so much better! At 15+ years we were scared he would not be able to recover but this boy has fight left in him.

He will be ready for a sanctuary home as soon as he puts on a little more weight. Any takers?

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