Katie and Spencer

Katie and Spencer’s mom died and they ended up at the Orange County Shelter. Two seniors, grossly over weight and in terrible condition. How could we say no?  Carolyn got them in and her was her first report on Katie:

katie before“My goodness….this poor old girl has really been neglected.  Nails were horrible and two of them had curled back into her pads which no doubt contributed to her reluctance to walk…..ears were so gunky it was like scraping spoonfuls of dirt out, her skin is very dry and flaky, and shaving her was like trying to shave fur off a bowl of jello!  She is quite overweight, to the point where her little nub tail is actually buried in fat…..her eyes are just enormous with glaucoma pressure.  I am not sure if she will even be a candidate for chemical ablation because they might have ‘gone too far’ for it….more than likely we are looking at eye removal now.  Will find out at the vet tomorrow morning. But, she is cleaned up now 🙂  She is very sweet and good natured…just needs a diet and exercise and fix those eyes! This is the before picture”
Kaatie 2Katie’s after picture before her surgery. They both went to the vet yesterday and we got an update. “Quick update…..went to the vet today, obviously grossly overweight.  Both have ear infections, no big surprise.  Katie’s eyes are bad which we knew.  I have now scheduled her for surgery on Wednesday to have them both removed.  Dr. Card feels they are too damaged for chemical ablation to work like it should, so out they come.

Spencer beforeSpencer has the start of cataracts in both eyes, but not blind yet :-)) At least Katie will finally get some relief from the pain in those eyes. Spencer will be groomed tomorrow”

3 Comments on “Katie and Spencer

  1. Oh my goodness… Thank you for taking these dogs on.

  2. I truly wish that there was another alternative to removing her eyes…
    How old is she?? Another vet opinion perhaps??

    • We couldn’t agree more. Removing the eyes is always our last resort. The poor baby had damaged her eyes so badly there was no alternative.

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