Alfie is an absolutely perfect fit!

Alfie and Megan“I just wanted to thank you and let you you know that Alfie (formerly Boomer) is an absolutely perfect fit for us!! I am amazed at what a good fit he is. You were totally right about him being cuddly and sweet, but playful and all-puppy! I love how he constantly looks up at you for love, attention and/or a snuggle. He has brought such a great fun little energy into our house, and I love it!

The best part is seeing what a great fit he is for Charlie (Adrian’s dog). She is really happy to have a buddy. They are adorable together!! She is a perfect big sister to him…Alfie will wrestle with her and chew on her ears and they play tug-of-war with toys. She often picks up toys and runs around with them to get his attention then will play keep away with him. She runs to chase balls and he just runs along side her, and at the dog park she taught him to jump in the kiddie pool and splash around. They are simply hilarious together. Just the right amount of energy to tire each other out, but also fine with just hanging out together.

And even though he is fun-loving, he is also well behaved. Great at stores and restaurants. And he is great with our neighbor’s 4-year old daughter who l-o-v-e-s to play with him….Thank you so much for keeping me in mind for different dogs and really getting to know what fit would be right. I know it’s a labor of love, but your work and everything you do is truly appreciated. -Megan”

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