Rescuing “rescued” Cocker Spaniels

imageThis is Tiny. She was pulled from the San Bernardino shelter last month by a “rescuer” who is very prominent on Facebook.  Lots of promises were made but Tiny was left stuck in a temporary foster home. The temporary foster mom is stuck with broken promises and a sick senior cocker girl.  Pledges were paid and everyone believes that Tiny is safe and sound. Nothing could be further from the truth. The foster mom contacted us asking for help. SCCR has agreed to step in and rescue Tiny from her “rescuer”.

This isn’t the first time SCCR had to clean up after this particular “rescuer”.  She abandoned 12 cockers at our favorite kennel last year. We found each one of them a great home and turned over their adoption fees to the kennel to help cover the thousands of dollars she owed them and never paid.

imageRescuing dogs doesn’t stop at pulling dogs from the shelters. Tiny has nine tumors that need surgery and her bills will run close to $2,000 if not more and she has nowhere to live

We are going to make sure Tiiny gets the best medical care and finds a loving Sanctuary home where we will pay for her medical bills for the rest of her life. That is what real rescue is and we are so grateful for your support so we can be there for dogs like Tiny.

Donations for Tiny’s surgery

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