She Was Hit By A Car And Her Pelvis Was Shattered

photoTalia was hit by a car and taken to the shelter.  We knew when we got the call that her vet bills could be high and we didn’t have much to spare but she was in so much pain when we got the call we could not say no.
According to her x-rays her pelvis was shattered in several places and she needed surgery asap.  But her little face was so trusting even when we had to move her and it hurt her.
SOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhe will be on bed rest for six weeks with acupuncture treatments for the nerve damage she has sustained. The estimate for her surgery and follow up care is about $4,000 but we couldn’t say no. She as sweet as they get and trusts that we will take care of her.

Donations towards Talia’s surgery

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