Sammy Finally Found His New Family

0506131249Sometimes it takes longer than we like to find the perfect home for our ‘kids’ but we don’t give up! Sammy was in foster for two years before he found the perfect family for him. Sammy is a quirky little guy. He has some rules but he is a happy little man and we loved having him in foster with us.

We were so sad to say good bye but we are so happy for him.  Now he gets to be the only boy in the house. The Morgan’s are experienced cockapoo people who will understand his quirks and wonderful personality. He is loving all the love and attention.  He gave them a two paws up rating!

Part of having a no-kill policy is making sure all our dogs are kept in healthy, happy environments until they are adopted.  We could not do that with out your support. Thank you all for helping make this happen for Sammy and all his friends.

Donations for Sammy and all his friends.

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