Anni Is So Happy Now!

0129131642Great news for us. Sweet little Anni was tested and she does not have cancer! We were worried, she had a terrible wound on her neck when she can in from Lancaster shelter. But it looks worse than it is and she had it  removed on Friday along with a much needed dental. Then she was off to her new sanctuary home in Santa Maria with Vicki. As soon as she heals and rests up she will go in for a second mass removal and surgery to remove a bladder stone. Poor baby she was in so much pain when we met her but she is so happy now!

Donations towards Anni’s medical bills

2 Comments on “Anni Is So Happy Now!

    • Anni is happily settled in to a wonderful Sanctuary home in Santa Maria. We do have two other kids that need sanctuary homes if you are interested, Henri and a new girl Matilda. Let me know if you would like more info on either of them.

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