Her Gentle Spirit and Sweet Soul Shine Through

IMG_0372Mauled by dogs, stuffed in a crate, left behind an abandoned gas station, Pebbles was rescued by a homeless man who thought he could get a couple of dollars for the crate. Instead he found Pebbles dehydrated and bleeding. He brought her to the Santa Paula shelter for help. They gave her medical attention at their local emergency clinic, called us and even delivered her up to us. SPARC is a very special shelter, one of the truly no kill city shelters we work with and we are honored to support them.

We immediately took Pebbles to our vet for follow up care.  She had been bitten repeatedly, her leg, thigh and stomach were swollen and distorted from the trauma. She was even still lactating. Heavens knows where her puppies are.  Though she will always carry her scars,Pebbles, amazingly has healed up beautifully. Through it all her gentle spirit and sweet soul shine through.

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