Saving Shad

Can you help us help Shad?!

Shad was adopted from us back in 2017. He’s been loving life with his forever family and doing great, except for his ear!

Poor Shad has a reoccurring growth in/near his ear that needs to be removed again. Luckily the tumor is benign, but removal will be tricky. Our vet is confident that they can get the whole thing. The surgery will be very expensive and we are asking for your generosity once again to help us get Shad the care he needs.

Once a Second Chance Cocker, always a Second Chance Cocker!! We are committed to helping all of our dogs whenever they are in need, and your donations make it possible. If every one of our friends donated just a few dollars, it would add up quickly. Thank you all for your continued support!

2 Comments on “Saving Shad

  1. Update on shad please! We miss him terribly here in Orangevale. Thank you.

    • The surgery went perfectly. They removed the growth without removing the ear canal. He was adopted by his foster mom who fell in love. And now he lives close to Dr Card so she can take care of any lumps or bumps right away if they show back up.

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