The Fantastic Four

ELKIEIT’S A BIRD! IT’S A PLANE! IT’S THE SUPER-SENIOR FOUR! Mighty Maddie,Victorius Vayle, Electric Elkie, and Buffy the Bone Slayer. We are four, very young at heart, Super Seniors, looking for a place to rest our heads and paws, when we’re not saving the world.

MADDIEWe are all currently in boarding facilities, aka kennels, hoping to bust out of that situation real soon. Second Chance Cocker Rescue funds a Super-fantastic program called The Sanctuary Program.

VayleWe offer our senior and terminally ill Cockers, a permanent foster home:  YOU supply all the love and attention. WE take care of the medical expenses. This allows us to save more lives, young and old, and keep the dogs we’ve saved, out of boarding and in comfy homes where they can feel safe until their forever home is found.

BUFFYIf you are interested in loving a Sanctuary dog,  contact us directly or fill out a application and we will respond to you, right away. We are always incredibly appreciative of donations, so we can continue this special program.

Donations towards the Sanctuary program

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