“A” is for Assistance for Arthur

Arthur at the shelter

Meet Arthur. He was in pretty bad shape when we pulled him from the East Valley shelter last week. Arthur had had a cone taped to him, which stuck to his fur and skin. The cone was hiding a large tumor covered with maggots.

The shelter removed a few tumors and cleaned him up. The vet at the shelter also said he has bilateral cataracts and a grade 6 heart murmur, which will require immediate medication. They believe him to be about 12 years old.

Arthur on his freedom ride
Arthur on his freedom ride

When one of our volunteers met him, he had a sparkle in his eyes that said he was a fighter. He wants and deserves a chance to heal. He needs that second chance to love and be loved. His sweet heart continues to beat strong, knowing there are kind people out there to help him and take care of him.

He is being fostered in Romoland, CA and waiting for his happily ever Arthur. Adoption applications are available on our SCCR website.

All donations are received with heartfelt gratitude – No donation is too small:

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