BrandoSCCR2Hi, my name is Brando. Aren’t I a cutie? Yep, I sure am! I bet just looking at me, makes you want to snuggle up with my cuteness! I wish I could say the same. To be honest, I’ve had a little bit of a rough start. It’s caused me to feel unsafe around humans, especially strangers. I get scared really easily and I don’t yet know how to handle my doggie emotions. Luckily for me, Second Chance Cocker Rescue saved me from the Camarillo Shelter and decided to take a chance on me. I’m going to need some training to get my “bad boy” personality in check. They promised me that they only use positive reinforcements, which means lots of treats and lots of love. I promise to work real hard so I can be part of a forever family soon!

This is my buddy, Robbie. Wait! You’re probably thinking, Robbie’s not a Cocker. You’re right. He’s a mix of a few different breeds. He’s seven years young. The thing we have in common is that Robbie needs “good boy” training too.


We’re here together with the same foster mom, who is ready to start our boot camp. What would REALLY help, is if you kind folks out there donate toward our training. We will keep you posted on how we are doing and update with videos too.

We promise to do our best to make you all proud! Hopefully, we can be your forever pal soon!

With paws of gratitude.

Brando and Robbie

**For more information about our positive reinforcement training please follow this link.

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