She Was A He!

HossWe got a surprise when we got 4 year old Angel home from the Bakersfield shelter. We knew she was horribly fat, and had a growth on her eye lid but we didn’t know she was a he! Now his name is Hoss and when we were grooming him we found a fish hook embeded in one of his paws. That had to have hurt! He also had a large bleeding mass on his backside. He went in to get it checked out and Dr Card said to get it off immediately so we did. Now he is on a diet and he will be a real beauty soon. We can’t wait to see his ” after ” pictures.

One Comment on “She Was A He!

  1. All that going on with Hoss and he still has a smile on his face and was happy to get out of that shelter. He definitely needed a new start.

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