Lucy Mae Is A Sweetie Patootie!

Lucy Mae 3Lucy Mae came in kind of a mess. Her left eye had glaucoma and had been left untreated for way too long and her eye was huge. The biggest we had ever seen. She had two large masses that needed to be removed, ear infections, eye infections and all the usual neglected cocker stuff we see. Once we got her cleaned up and had that eye taken care of and those masses removed she looked a little like Frankenstein with stitches all over. But it wasn’t too long before the stitches were out and the hair growing back when she turned into a pretty cute little girl. And that personality? Well, we have to tell you, Lucy Mae is a sweetie patootie! They don’t come any better than this. Lucy Mae is now ready to be adopted and is anxiously awaiting a new family.


Donations towards Lucy Mae’s surgery

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