It’s Thankful Thursday!

Today we are thankful for all of our dedicated adopters who go above and beyond to give our Second Chance dogs wonderful forever homes! Here’s to all of the people who go the extra mile for the pups that they welcome into their hearts and their homes!

Jaxson, Halbert, and Yogi (the 3 black cockers) with their new friends.

A very special thank you goes to Kevin who didn’t just go the extra mile for Jaxson, Halbert, and Yogi, he went the extra 1,000 miles! Kevin has been waiting for months to bring our trio home to Canada, but due to all of the craziness with COVID and travel restrictions, it just hadn’t been possible. Until now! Kevin finally made the trip down to pick up the boys and they are now happily settling in to their new home with all of their new friends! We couldn’t have asked for a better home for these three boys!! Thank you, Kevin, for loving our Jaxson, Halbert, and Yogi!!

We’d love to hear who you are thankful for today! Leave a comment or send us an email with your Thankful Thursday story and we might just share it next week!

Help us spread some kindness and pay it forward. Consider making a donation in honor of who you’re thankful for!

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