PUPDATE on Duncan!

unnamedPupdate! Duncan had all of his surgery and treatment and is now ready for a new home! Please consider giving this baby boy a new start in life!
Duncan needed our help!
We received a call from a shelter here in the Central Valley (near Bakersfield, CA). A young Cocker Spaniel was hit by a car. SCCR came to the rescue and named him Duncan. Duncan had a dislocated hip, and a severe concussion that affected his eyesight and his balance. It was touch and go for Duncan for awhile. A kind vet sedated him and put his hip back in place, but it came out again almost immediately.  IMG_2983Duncan will need follow-up appointments, and pain medication. He may need chiropractic and acupuncture while he is recovering as well. It will take a few months in a quiet foster home, spending a lot of time in a kennel to facilitate his healing, to fully recover. The expectation is that he will be completely normal at the end of this process! 
Please consider helping this little boy begin a new chapter in his life. Duncan is around a year old, is about 16 lbs, and is an absolute angel baby! Good with kids and cats! No one claimed him so we are committing to help sweet Duncan! All donations are very much appreciated. You may sponsor Duncan’s medical care by clicking here, or by contacting Elizabeth Mazzetti directly!
Elizabeth.mazzetti@gmail.com or call (805) 687-4674. Thank you!

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