Roxy Girl – Rescued Just In Time! 

roxyMeet our newest, and possibly sweetest, little medical pup Roxy Girl! This poor girl is only 6 years old and has suffered so much in such a short life. Roxy Girl has a ginormous mammary tumor, huge fatty tumor, is blind in both eyes with luxating lenses, has either completely matted fur or no fur at all, is itchy and suffering from a painful skin allergy, was covered in fleas,  is missing half of one ear and part of the other, needs a good dental, has an ear infection, and needs to be spayed.

Roxy Girl came to us as a stray by way of the Camarillo shelter where her prognosis was grim and they thought the most humane thing for her would be to let her go due to her terrible condition. We ended up pulling her from the shelter on the day she was scheduled to be euthanized. We saw a spark in her though, and knew we couldn’t leave her in the shelter. There had to be something we roxy 2could do for her, even if it was just to give her a loving home for a night and let her be free the next day surrounded by love and calmness.

We are so thrilled to report that, despite all of Roxy Girl’s maladies, Dr. Card (our miracle worker) thinks that she will be able to give Roxy a long life with the right treatments and a lot of TLC. We are starting by getting her skin allergy taken care of so that her skin can heal and be strong enough to be able to recover from her tumor removal surgery down the road. Luckily it does not look like the cancer has spread and it is only the one giant mammary tumor and fatty tumor that will need to be removed. While Roxy is asleep, we will treat her eyes with a chemical ablation and give her teeth a good cleaning. It will be a long road to recovery, but Roxy is a fighter and we know she will one day be the perfect dog for a deserving forever family.

roxy 3While we await Roxy’s surgery, she is getting loads of love and attention with one of our extraordinary fosters. Roxy is such a love bug, it’s heartbreaking to see that she has been so neglected. Roxy gives great kisses and is always wagging her hairless little tail. She loves kids, cats, and other dogs. She has really bonded to one particular dog in her foster home who has become her personal guide dog for trips outside in the backyard.

We will be looking for the perfect forever home for Roxy Girl after her surgery and recovery is complete. In the meantime, we do need to raise funds to help cover this angel’s surgery and medications. If you can find it in your heart to we would really appreciate your donations. Any amount helps tremendously. We can’t keep giving dogs like Roxy Girl a second chance without our amazing and very generous supporters. Thank you for helping us save another life!

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