Joey Needs a Miracle!

URGENT! This senior boy needs our help to save his life! Joey is a train-wreck! East Valley Shelter called us39846806_2683252555033734_6358544845157433344_n asking us to take a senior boy!
Sweet, blind, deaf, bad ears, bad eyes, tumor on his bum….a llitle train wreck…and that is what we specialise in! We will need lots of support for this senior love-muffin! They said he was a very loving and sweet old guy and needed our help! Please consider giving to help Joey with his medical problems and to live out the rest of his days in comfort and surrounded by love! Joey will be eligible for the sanctuary program where we pay medical for the rest of his life and the foster provides love, food, and a home! Give us a call at (805) 558-0100 if you are interested in helping and loving on Joey!!!

Donations are also so appreciated!

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