PUPDate on Elvis

Elvis is scheduled for his surgeries next Monday! Elvis needs a foster home as soon as he is released from the vet. This sweet, gentle baby boy has had a very difficult start in life. He is only 7 months old, and he was rejected by his family when they discovered that his eye might be too expensive to fix. Added to that, Elvis was picked up as a stray and he has amassed quite a bill!
They didn’t want him when told how much money they would owe. Elvis is only a baby and he desperately needs our help!!! Because of his eye injury, he will need to undergo surgery along with his Neuter surgery. We are looking for a wonderful foster home or better yet, and Adopter, where Elvis can be adored and cared for as he deserves. Elvis will be in Bakersfield, CA for his treatment next week! Please consider helping Elvis with his two surgeries, chip, shots, and transport! Elvis would really be “All shook up” to know that he is so loved! We could not help babies like Elvis without your support!

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