PUPdate: Lily’s Having Hip Surgery Next Week

IMG_0027Our sweet Lily, age 4 years, is scheduled for hip surgery next Monday. Lily was on forced bed rest for the last 10 days. Her hip dislocated when she jumped up on a tall bed and fell. The good news is that the Vet said she should make a full recovery after her surgery…. the bad news???? It will cost $800.00 plus!! Yikes. Lily is the most darling little angel and we all love her funny personality! She is still very much a “puppy at heart” and needs to be able to romp and play as she likes to do! Please consider joining with us to support our beloved Lily! She is a true cocker-angel! She deserves the chance to experience a full and active life! Also, Lily is still available for adoption! She will make some family very, very happy! She is completely House-trained, loves kids, unnamedother dogs, and loves to give puppy kisses to everyone! Lily literally loves everyone she meets! Thanks for supporting Lily as she travels down that long road to recovery! Love you Lily!
If you would like to help cover Lily’s medical treatment, please click on the DONATE button. Every dollar helps. Thank you!

5 Comments on “PUPdate: Lily’s Having Hip Surgery Next Week

  1. I can make a donation on Friday. When I get paid. I hope that you can raise more funds for her. I would love to adopt her. My very first dog was a male black cocker spaniel named Samson. Once she has recovered please let me know what her adoption fee will be. Thank you.

  2. I just donated to Lovely Lily’s account. Prayers to this gorgeous lil cocker.

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