Down on her Luck Darla

Meet sweet Darla. A few weeks ago she was really down on her luck. Poor girl spent Christmas and New Years at the Lancaster, CA shelter. Lucky the shelter folks did not give up on her, and kept networking to help find her a rescuer. Second Chance Cocker Rescue heard her plight, and just gave her a freedom ride IMG_6207yesterday! We don’t know her backstory, except that she had cysts on her ovaries, dirty teeth and some trouble with her vision. When we saw those sweet, trusting eyes, we got her out of there! The kennel attendants loved Darla! They said she was a delightful, sweet, happy, and full of life girl. She is about 6 years young.
IMG_6204We are in need of donations to help with Darla’s vet bills. Before she left, she was evaluated at the shelter. She needs to be spayed and she has nasty cysts on her ovaries. She also needs dental work done and a specialist to look at her eyes for possible cataract surgery. We also don’t have a foster home for Darla yet, so she is currently boarding in a kennel. Any donations, or applications to foster, or adopt are much appreciated!
Thank you!

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