A Rough Time for a Gentle Soul

We got an email from a man who was in need of a new home for his dog Harley. The dog was living with his ex-wife who is moving out of state, and she didn’t want to be bothered with their dog, Harley. She was o.k. with having him put down!

He 26756511_2275513162474344_5776808099142568850_owrote: Dear Second Chance Cocker Rescue,
5 years ago my wife brought home a Cocker Spaniel somebody had given her. I could tell he was getting up there in the years and he was going blind. He’s been with us now for 5 years but it’s time for us to move on from our house and close this chapter in our life and go our separate ways. We have little Harley who’s 12. He’s almost totally blind. He’s never been a problem for us ever. He’s gotten along with the other animals (a dog and cat), but now we must find a new home for him or my wife said she’ll have him euthanized.
SCCR to the rescue! We picked Harley up today, and took him immediately to the vet. He 26678130_10211411517699153_964225320916135746_ohas dry eyes and an ear infection. We had him groomed and put a sweater on him. He didn’t mind at all. What a gentleman he is! He is very sweet and housebroken. He knows how to use a doggie door too. Can anyone help save this boy by fostering? Adoption/foster application. He is currently in Stockton, CA. We also could use help with his medical expenses. Every dollar helps and helps us continue to save dogs like Harley. Thank you! We will keep everyone posted on Harley’s story.

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