SCCR Therapy Dog, Suavé

22519043_10105523062984395_3774970709472289549_nSecond Chance Cocker Rescue Alum, and HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response (AACR) Therapy Dog, Sauvé Spent a week in Santa Rosa, California providing comfort, emotional support and stress relief to the people affect by the Tubbs and Nuns wildfires in Northern California.  He spent up to 10 hours a day with his owner, Dad, and handler Gil Anema, at several places. Suavé took notes on his adventures helping others. Here are a few…

Day 1, Monday: Dad and I drove to Santa Rosa this morning.  After 2 ½ hrs of driving, we spent 8 hrs at the LAC comforting victims and relieving stress of the workers from the County, Cal OES, FEMA and others. I had such a nice welcome and was told many times “Thank You” for coming. I had several people that specifically wanted to see me when they 22780350_10105549844633755_429883244285887264_nheard I would be there. And others like this sweet little girl that wanted to see me a second time to say goodbye before her family left.

Day 2, Tuesday: One family lost their dogs in the fire. They were so happy to see and pet me. It made me sad, but happy I could cheer them up. I heard another story where their dog woke them up just in time to see the flames and to get away. They were so grateful, and they appreciated what I was doing.

22780601_10105538340054025_2326422894744422772_nDay 3, Wednesday: Dad and I went with another HOPE AACR team to the Base Camp this morning at 7:30. We saw the first responders, firefighters from all over and support folks like the California Conservation Corps. We met with firefighters from Australia that thought it was so cool that we visited. They all appreciated our service and thanked us for coming.

Day 4, Thursday: I helped comfort a lady that was upset and crying. I quietly approached, and dad asked if we could help. She said, “no she has her own dogs,” but then unconsciously began to pet me while talking to dad. Then she realized what she was doing and thanked us and continued to pet me.

This week has been a big learning experience for me and my dad. We will be going home 22528646_10105523062869625_7627743540713326455_oafter our relief teams get here. We look forward to helping out again in the near future!

Love, Suavé

We keep doing what we do to bring dogs like Suavé to Gil, and now they both are giving back! Please consider helping us with a donation for the dogs we continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome. Thank you!

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