#Giving Tuesday for Holly

Meet Holly! One year ago on Christmas Eve, we got a call from our local shelter. This 4 year old tiny girl came to us with a 2 lb. tumor that was biopsied, and came back as a low IMG_0283grade, slow growing cancer. It was removed successfully. Holly had recently given birth, and the vet stated that she had several litters previously. It has been a happy year for Holly! She has a wonderful foster family that adores her and spoils her rotten. Today, Holly was diagnosed with disseminated Valley Fever, which is an air borne fungal disease common to California and Arizona. Holly had a seizure a few weeks ago, and the fungal infection has settled in her leg bone, and several lymph nodes. Fortunately, her prognosis is good, once she begins her treatment. Without your tremendous support, Love, and encouragement, we could not help special pups like Holly! Please consider making a donation today for Holly’s treatment, and in honor of #Giving Tuesday? Holly would appreciate your loving support! You are deeply appreciated, and you give the gift of life every day to girls just like Holly! Puppy hugs and kisses from Holly, and all of us from SCCR.

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