Update on Stella

22688046_2150782154947446_7907787058762894315_nRemember Stella? SCCR rescued sweet Stella from the shelter in Los Banos, California a few months ago! Stella had a tentative diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease, really bad skin, as well as ear and eye issues. The staff at the shelter reported that she was a “super sweet girl,” who just wanted someone to take her home and love her. Well, that special someone was her foster mom, Jeanette. She has had lots of TLC since then. Stella had her surgeries two weeks ago, and did very img_0927.jpg
well. The vet did an x-ray before opening her bladder and the stones had broken up and only two smalls ones left, so he cancelled the bladder portion of her surgery. She had her mammary gland tumor removed, and she was spayed as well!
Stella began her flea and heartworm prevention treatment. She only has a small patch of ‘elephant skin’ on one foot; all other areas are clearing up. Her hair is growing, and it’s a beautiful strawberry blonde!  Isn’t Stella FullSizeRender-5beautiful? Jeanette fell in love with her and decided she wanted her to join her family forever!

Thanks to everyone who donated to Rescue this precious girl! We couldn’t do what we do without your love and support!

Love, Stella, Jeanette (mom), and SCCR!


One Comment on “Update on Stella

  1. Gosh, it’s hard to believe it’s the same dog! Fabulous work by Second Chance, and kudos to Jeanette. Did she indeed have Cushings? The under-eye symptom is almost a diagnosis in itself.

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