Just Ask Dorie! Good and Bad Rescue Groups

unnamedJust ask Dorie!

You know where to get the freshest produce, the cheapest kitty litter, and who is the best local bank, so how do you tell if the dog or cat rescue you want to adopt from, is a reputable rescue? Dorie will tell you!

Warning signs of a BAD rescue:
-they will only take cash.
-they refuse to give you medical records for the dog.
-they will falsify vaccine and spay certifications.
-they insist on getting money from you before you can meet the dog.
-they will auction off dogs if more than one adopter is interested (dog does to the highest bidder.)
-they will not take their dogs back, if you encounter a problem and the dog is not a good fit.
-they will include in the adoption agreement that you have to rehome the dog if you can’t keep it.
-they won’t let you bring your dog to meet the new dog to make sure they get along.
-you find it difficult to get a call back from the Rescue when you voice a concern about your new pet.
-there is a failure to support and problem solve to ensure a successful adoption experience.
-there is little information on the history, health and behavior issues of the pet.

Dorie felt that it was very important to educate potential adopters of the right way to go about choosing a reputable rescue organization. There are many rescues out there, and more popping up all the time. The organization, ideally, will be able to use their financial resources wisely. The Rescue should be able to provide detailed documentation of all medical procedures, and the Adopter should be able to call the vet to confirm services! The rescue should also be using its donations, not as a primary source of personal income, but as a charitable organization with documentation proving their financial responsibility in caring for the animals in their care! Most reputable rescues will be happy to provide this documentation upon request, or have it readily accessible on their website! This topic is vitally important! A successful adoption provides security, and alleviates stress in the experience! The adoption process takes a lot of energy.  Settling your new family member into your home can take from several weeks, up to several months. Do your homework, and ask around! Using a reputable rescue can increase your chances of a positive adoption experience!

Happy wagging tails from Dorie!

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