Merlin our 7 lb Cocker Wanabe

Second Chance Cocker Rescue has had numerous Cockers go through training to become therapy dogs, or even emotional support animals over the last few years. Suave is one of those dogs, and he and his two SCCR siblings are also certified Therapy Dogs. Suave is also an alumni of Second Chance Cocker Rescue. Suave and his human, Gil, were also trained and certified to work in natural disasters, and were recently sent to Northern California to assist with the hundreds of people being displaced by the California wildfires. This year has been a devastating fire season, and Gil and Suave wanted to go and comfort individuals displaced by the fire disasters in Northern California. Their work there, gave us the idea of lending a hand to our neighbors in need!

Merlin, ironically, was also in Northern California, in Contra Costa County. He had been in the shelter there for awhile, and he needed a place to go since the fires had resulted in a surge of animals seeking shelter there. Merlin was a sweet boy, that needed a place to go, to make room for the victims of the fires in that area. Second Chance Cocker Rescue wanted to help, and we decided to rescue some shelter dogs from the fire ravaged area, even if they were not Cockers! We volunteered to take 5 into our rescue, but Merlin was the only one of the five that wound up needing Rescue. That was fine with us, and we were excited to make Merlin an honorary Cocker Spaniel. Merlin is 11 years of age, and weighs in at a whopping 7 pounds! He is a terrier mix, and the cutest little guy ever. He is a happy boy, and he seems to have settled in to his new foster home. His new foster mom Suzi, is teaching him the ropes and helping him to settle in while waiting for his forever family. Merlin is ready for adoption now, and is excited to begin a new chapter in his life. If you are interested in becoming Merlin’s new pup-parents, then go onto our site and fill out an application. You will be glad you did!

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