Lucky the Love Boy Looking for a new Life

My name is Lucky, and I am really lucky SCCR has saved me, BUT they are thinking I IMG_4608need a NEW NAME! More of a cute pup name. I am a 12 year old Cockapoo, and I am told that I am the sweetest little man! I was rescued (luckily) from the Lompoc (California) Shelter. I heard someone whisper that I was a train wreck! The shelter and Second Chance Cocker Rescue said that they wanted to save me anyway, because of my charming ways! My foster said that my…. um…private area, appeared to be abnormal and may possibly be testicular cancer! I was never neutered and my old owners did not understand that that this decision could cost my life! Yikes! Take those little “kippers” out of there while you can!  Dogs should be altered (spayed or neutered) during the first year of life. After that year, the chances of cancer increases every year that passes, without having this life-saving procedure! I also have a heart murmur AND to top it all of, I can’t see, but I get around pretty well! I want to ask IMG_4605for your help! I have heard that many of you like “special pups” like me! I am praying that I can get a second chance at life as well! I will need a full medical assessment, next week. I have infected ears, I need grooming, my teeth are a mess, and my “kippers” need fixing! I will also need my shots, micro-chipped, and A NEW NAME! No donation is too small. Thank you! I was thinking Prince Charming maybe??? Let me know what you think my new name should be! Love ❤️ from me!

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