A Real Sweet Thing

Hello, my name is Elsa (that is my real name). I wanted to share my story with you all.


Not because I want pity or anything, but because I wanted you to know the kind of things that happen to pups like me when no one cares enough to watch over us. I am hoping that this story will save a life or two, of some of my pup-cousins. Here is my story….

I was picked up as a stray, and I was taken to the Carson Shelter in Los Angeles, California several weeks ago. I had an injured leg, and I wasn’t able to put much weight on it. My family did eventually found out I was there, and came to see me, but they decided that I was too much work for them to handle easily, since I am a senior gal, and now I had an injury to deal with as well. This is a hard part for me to tell you about… You see, my family turned and walked away and left me. They didn’t turn back, and I was really scared. Other dogs were barking, and I think we were all really scared there. Bad things happen there sometimes. I was now classified as an “owner surrender” and in a shelter that is not a good thing.

A few days later, a vet technician came to get me. I thought the vet was going to look at my leg but he amputated it!! I don’t understand why. I was confused, and really scared. Now I know why everyone is really scared in that place! I admit that I don’t understand humans, and the way they think about animals. Like we don’t hurt, or get sad, or that we can love?

I am a little girl (about 13 pounds and bone thin), but I am as cute as can be…. and very sweet! I was rescued by SCCR thank goodness, and sent to Mama Carolyn to get me well enough to find a new home. I heard Mama Carolyn say bad words when she found out that the shelter had not given me any pain meds. No wonder I couldn’t eat anything. She took care of me and now I am eating great, and I am feeling so much better every day about walking on 3 legs!

When I heard that I needed to see another vet I was a little worried as you can imagine. Mama Carolyn said not to worry, this was a great vet and she would take really good care of me. Well, the shelter vet left the end of my amputated leg in the hip socket and it developed gangrene. I almost got to the new vet too late to save me. Then, on top of everything else, we found out that I have pneumonia too. Turns out, Dr. Card knows some bad words too! I am not sure what a butcher is but I am guessing it is NOT good! I can’t tell you how much better I feel. I am on lots of pain medication, antibiotics, and I am being spoiled rotten. Mama Carolyn figured out I like McDonald’s, because I have been living it up eating all the chicken nuggets I can scarf down! I am amazed at the service here. I kind of feel like a princess! (I actually heard Mama Carolyn call me that…lol).

I have been told I am going to be ok, and that I will make a nice companion dog for some ‘older’ person who does not have a real active lifestyle and just wants a “sweet thing” to love. That’s me alright…. A real sweet thing!

Love always,


Pup-date: Elsa’s teeth are horribly bad and she has a mammary tumor too. So, once this leg is all healed up we will have to have more work done…….she is a bit of a mess (looks wise) right now, as she has some dried blood on her fur and some little matts….but one thing at a time for this little sweetie. We are crazy about her!

We will need to dig deep to pay Elsa’s bills. Any help you can give is so appreciated.

Thank you! We will keep the pup-dates coming!

One Comment on “A Real Sweet Thing

  1. It never ceases to amaze me the vast number of cats and dogs who find themselves abandoned at animal shelters. Elsa, most certainly, should never have been one.

    Of all the blog posts Elizabeth has shared with us, this has to be the most disgusting demonstration of animal abuse not only by this inept Sweeney Todd-practicing vet tech but also by the family, heartless and without any soul, who unceremoniously left her like garbage in the gutter. The photo clearly showing Elsa’s unfortunate outcome is so very deeply disturbing that I feel the vet tech should be investigated by the State and punished accordingly. Just look at that poor little girl. It looks like she stepped on A LANDMINE!! It is difficult to contain my sheer anger. But Elsa is one of the lucky ones. Elizabeth and her team will make sure she is provided with excellent health care and ultimately a forever family who’ll give her unlimited love.

    Please apply the our donation made today towards sweet Elsa’s medical expenses. I wish for her a safe and happy 2018 and beyond.

    Thank you, Madeline Williams-Zoller

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