Sophi: Urgent Puppy Rescue

21272317_2085211754837820_1325222446392529079_nURGENT: We got a phone call last week asking for help! A family agreed to surrender Sophi so that we could help her! Little Baby Sophi has a horrible case of mange, secondary yeast, and bacterial infections and she is miserable! Baby Sophi needs our help! Sophi is a 9 month old Merle Cocker Spaniel. She weighs 11 lbs and will not weigh more than 18 lbs full grown. She will need treatment for about 3 months, a spay surgery, shots, good nutritious food, medication, check ups, a microchip, and she also has inflamed and infected ears. Sophi’s medical needs will be costly. Please help us to give Sophi the care she needs! Sophi needs a foster home as well, when her initial treatment is over, and she can recover from her ordeal in the comfort of a loving home!

PUPDATE: Baby Sophi had a medical evaluation and she has started treatment for her mange, secondary skin infections, as well as her infected ears. Sophi is a sweet and loving girl, who is a pleasure to cuddle with even in the condition she is in currently. She is a treasure, and whoever adopts her will be very fortunate indeed! Sophi has a long road ahead of her, but SCCR will be there for her every step of the way! 



4 Comments on “Sophi: Urgent Puppy Rescue

  1. I am very interested adopting Sophi. I already rescued exactly like cocker spaniel from Detroit Humane Society. My family and I saw Sophi and we wanted to give her a wonderful loving home with a wonderful playmate to play with. My home number is 586-757-5482. My rescuer is a girl and we name her CoCo Chanél.

  2. When was this posted? We saved a merle that looks like Sophie in 2011 and have wondered about her past. Our girl, Baby, also has a missing back foot that the vet says she was born with but we aren’t sure.

  3. Hi I’m very interested in Sophi. I have an 8 yr old cocker who would love her as a companion… is she potty trained.? Please contact me . This is my second request.. thank you so much! 951-961-0751

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