Hurricane Animals in Need of our Help

Roscoe 10When Roscoe found out about all the dogs and cats in Texas and Florida that were homeless because of the hurricanes, he called up and asked if he could help. Roscoe was homeless once too. He was rescued a few years ago by SCCR, made an honorary Cocker Spaniel and adopted out to a woman who treats him like the prince he is. But he never forgot what it was like to be homeless. And now he feels it is time to give back. He was made our Spokesdog for the SCCR support of the Best Friends rescue efforts, and we reached out to Best Friends to see how we could help.

We heard from The Pet Network at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe. They are coordinating one of the rescue efforts for Hurricane Irma pet victims with Best Friends.  They will be bringinin 200 to 250 dogs and cats back from Florida to Reno, NV on Oct 7th. They are Roscoe1 8x10asking rescues to help by committing to take in some of these dogs and cats

Second Chance Cocker Rescue has offered to take in 5 to 10 dogs.  They won’t be Cocker Spaniels, but we can take five 35 lb dogs or ten 10-15 lb small dogs, and make them honorary Cockers. We will need your help. We need foster homes lined up and ready to take in one medium sized dog or two small ones. We will need donations to get them medical care, spayed and neutered, vaccines, heartworm tested etc…Roscoe is asking you to please help us help themWe can’t do it without you. 

Imagine what these dogs went through; abandoned by their families, tied to railings, left in empty houses, left to survive a hellacious storm. While many dogs’ families made sure they were safe, these dogs were not so lucky. We are going to take them in, show them love, get them proper medical care and find them forever families. Families that will make sure they stay safe when the next storm hits.

Fill out an application if you are interested in helping this cause. Thank you.


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