Lena’s Looking for Love

Meet sweet, Lena. She was so matted when we met her at the pound. We saw her sweet eyes and knew there was a lot of life and hope in them. We rescued her right away. At that time we Lena1named her Lionel. Then, when she took her freedom ride, we realized he was a she.

She came from the SEAACA shelter in terrible condition, and we are working hard to fix her up!  She is blind in one eye from a cataract, but gets around just fine.  She’s doing very well, eaitng nicely, but does have kennel cough.  We still need to have a couple of lumps and bumps removed, but that will be done once she’s doing better! Lena is a really friendly, loving little girl.

Lena is approximately 8 years old. She needs to grow a coat and we need to know if it was flea allergies, bad food, thyroid, etc. that caused all the hair loss. Dr. Card also wants to recheck her blood in a couple of weeks because it was low and her white count was high Lena3but that could be due to ear infections and she was brewing kennel cough, as well as had a secondary skin infection. Every donation, large and small allows us to keep doing what we do, saving the lives of these sweet dogs. Thank you for your support!

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