Pups are Ready to Leave the Nest, Momma too!

IMG_1959Momma Mia and her puppies are ready to be adopted. Two went home yesterday leaving four more, two girls and two boys. They were 8 weeks old on Easter. Momma Mia has been an exceptional mom at her tender age of 1 year old.

They have had an eventful 24 hours. They got vaccinated and Momma slept in a different room. They also had their first bath!! Being 8 weeks old is a BIG DEAL!
Here are photos of the pups, ready for their fur-ever homes.
 From left to right, top to bottom.
IMG_2107Meet the largest pup, with no name yet. She has long legs and a natural, adorable cowlick on top of her head. She has an alluring disposition and a quiet curiosity. She will catch your eye and move in gently. Drum roll for little Clover, the smallest in the littler. When her feet hit the grass, she attacked a clover flower and got her name. Her eyes are blue and white. Next is Gunner. This boy always wants to have fun and run around. Last but not least is Uno. He’s a mellow little dude who loves to be held.
Thank you for your love and support for Momma Mia and the pups. We look forward to all of them finding their forever homes soon!

6 Comments on “Pups are Ready to Leave the Nest, Momma too!

    • If a girl puppy is available we would love her our cocker spaniel died in 2012 after 17 and a half years!!

  1. We would love to adopt a puppy. Male or female either one. Where are you located?

  2. Love little Gunner! Ives had three cocker spaniels. They all lived 15 years and two were rescues. My littl kid after the kids lived 15 years with an immune disorder and we kept him stable on very expensive meds. He was worth every penny. Love and miss him so much.

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