A Dog with no Name or Home

IMG_9833Hello my name is Kari, About two weeks ago a Cocker Spaniel was left tied to a tree in the rain at the hospital where my husband works. He was there for about eight hours with no food or water. My husband works for the county hospital and the police called animal control. My husband felt so bad for the dog because he was so matted and tick infested that he thought he would maybe just be put down. He was owned by a homeless person for the past year. We spent over IMG_9835$250 giving him shots, groomed, tick medicine, flea medicine, he had ear infections and got ointment for that. We thought we found him a great home, but he tried to chase their cat and now the adopter wants to give him back. We have three dogs already and are not allowed more where we live. IMG_9834He’s an amazing dog very sweet and loving, a little separation anxiety,  and gets along great with other dogs. The vet thinks he’s around three years old. I have all the paperwork of shots at all we’ve done for him in the last week. Is this something you could possibly help us with?

Second Chance Cocker Rescue heard Kari’s story and decided to help this sweet guy. First, we need to give him a name. Second, we need to find him a great foster or forever home. Third, any donations, large or small to help this sweet guy and all our other dogs in need is much appreciated! We will keep you updated!

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