Mimi’s Excellent Adventure!

In October of this year, we received a call from an animal advocate from the Los Angeles image1area, asking Second Chance Cocker Rescue to please consider taking in a young cocker girl named MimiMimi‘s family situation had changed and the not quite one-year-old baby girl was not doing well at all. Mimi came to my home in Bakersfield to foster while she was getting her medical care, before being adopted. New mom Lin, saw Mimi‘s picture and instantly fell in love! Within a week of her arrival into our organization, Miss Mimi was on her way home to Oregon with her adoring adoptive family!

Letter from new mom Lin;
Debra, we went on our first family vacation during Thanksgiving! Our family had been planning to visit Vancouver Island, BC, for a year. A bit apprehensive about so much so soon for Mimi, but John, Teddy and I were there for her. It rained a lot. We were on the Pacific coast in a little town called Tofino. We read books in our room and watched the storms out over the ocean!  We really feel like a family. I will never be able to thank you enough for bringing Mimi into our lives. 🐾

On our way to the Dog Hotel on Tofino. They allow dogs in the dining room, and they image3provide galoshes and raincoats for their canine guests!
Mimi and her new brother Teddy, here at the best dog beach ever, in Tofino, picking out the perfect stick to play fetch!

Mimi was a very sweet girl and she has blossomed under the adoring care of her new family. Mimi adores everyone she meets, but especially her new brother Teddy, who she follows wherever he goes! They bonded at their first meeting and are inseparable!

Thanks to donations, large and small, we are able to keep doing what we do: rescue, rehabilitate and rehome, so dogs like Mimi can keep having excellent adventures.


One Comment on “Mimi’s Excellent Adventure!

  1. Thanks so much for the story about us, Debra. Mimi becomes dearer to me every day. 💞🐾💞🐾 I will never be able to express my debt of gratitude to you for saving Mimi and to Second Chance Cocker for all the dogs who truly do get a second chance because of your important work. You are the best! Love, Lin

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