A Second Chance for “Chance”

15592500_1088070811301932_1463276834_nMy story began when my now FOREVER Mommy decided she wanted to love another dog. The the venture began on the hunt to rescue a sweet male Cocker Spaniel, that’s me!

Along the journey I had great helpers; my Auntie Julie and Lissy (my Cocker cousin.) We ran into a lot of obstacles reaching out to Cocker Spaniel rescue groups in Washington, California, Victoria BC, Petfinder, Adopt-a-Pet and others.  After a lot of attempts, Auntie Julie got in touch with Elizabeth Mazzetti with Second Chance Cocker Rescue. chanceElizabeth sent a volunteer over to check out my potential new people and home. Everything checked out good.  On Monday September 8th, at 2:00 pm, believe me I was saying my doggie prays, time was limited for me. The shelter called Elizabeth to see if SCCR could rescue me. Then the phone rang at Auntie Julie’s, telling her they had a dog that they thought was a good match.  As handsome as I am, my hair wasn’t done, my nails weren’t trimmed, I hadn’t been bathed, snap my picture was taken but it was YES, YES, YES when she saw me. The group started their process and sent someone to get me; WOW that was close! During the next two weeks, I had a check-up, got neutered, and was nicely groomed.

My journey started in Southern California and I went all the way up to Oregon.   On September 22nd I arrived at my forever home with my forever mommy.

  • Love, Chance


Julie wanted to take a moment to thank Elizabeth Mazzetti:

My heart could never express how very blessed I am for God making such a wonderful woman, as she’s so kind and caring. Not just to God’s creatures, but to me for trusting me and making this happen for my mother.  Thank you kindly Elizabeth.

We have special request of our friends, to help us thank SCCR; if you could and when you want to donate to a very worth while cause this organization is it and I mean that with all my heart. This journey for me has been emotional hard, but to make someone else smile in the end
it’s all worth it.  So please help me thank them today and in the future and donate to save another and give a second chance just like our “Chance”.   Secondchancecockerrescue.org     Thank you!


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