Another Second Chance Tale

A letter from Lily and Luna’s former family:image3

In late July, we were forced to make a very difficult decision for our two Cocker Spaniels, Lili and Luna, who are 6 year old litter mates. A devastating financial situation occurred, and the loss of our jobs resulted in the loss of our home. Lili and Luna were living in an apartment with us and another family, and were being forced to spend a portion of the day kenneled. It was devastating to realize that we needed to do the right thing, and begin to search for a new home for our girls.

We were desperate, but we were really blesssed to have found Second Chance Cocker Rescue! We were really worried about their future because we had looked into a couple of shelters but they weren’t able to help us find the homes they needed, and made no promises that they would ever leave that place. We never thought we were going to be in this type of situation. We were warned not to put them on Craigslist, but we were running out of options and out of time. We had to move again and couldn’t take them with us. Then we saw the light at the end of tunnel, when we found your rescue. When you said that you were going to be able to take them into your own home, and that you would make sure they went to a good family, we were literally jumping up and down for joy! You were very kind and informative and let us know everything that needed to be done in order for them to get adopted as quickly as possible. I mean, we could literally see and feel all the love and effort that you and everyone involved in this process were doing to ensure the safety and happiness of Lili and Luna. It hurt to see them go, and it was especially difficult for my husband, since he was the closest to them. We can’t tell you how much seeing their new family with them meant to us! They looked so beautiful and it just makes us really happy. It brought tears to my husband’s eyes, but they were of happiness and relief. We are very thankful and have no words to express our gratitude! You never asked us for anything in return, and that is what still amazes me. We could see your true love for these little ones. We appreciate all the care you gave Luna during her surgery to remove a tumor. We thank God for you all. We will never be able to thank your rescue enough for the peace of mind you gave to our family.

A letter from Lily and Luna’s new family:

image2-3Hi Debbie, the grandkids and I just got back from a walk in my neighborhood with Luna and Lili, and they did great! Here is a picture of Lili and Luna and their best friends, which are my grandkids! They are continuing  to settle in, and we all adore them! They are perfect in every way! Please share this picture with their old family. Please tell them we are so grateful for the priceless gift of Lili and Luna. We are so in love with these two girls! Will continue sending updates of our adventures! Hugs to you all!


The story of Lili and Luna’s rescue and adoption is one that we thought was important to share. Sometimes people are not very understanding when a family asks for help in finding a new forever family for their dog. I watch families come to my home and spend hours at times, tearfully saying goodbye to a beloved family member. It is heartbreaking to watch. From the first moment of contact with the surrendering family, we try to prepare them for the process and we give them every opportunity to find other options for their situations. A few times, I have held on to the pup and returned the dog to the original owner when they found a solution to their problem. Rescue is more than taking dogs and finding adopters. It’s about loving someone’s dog enough to find the perfect home and sharing that miracle with both families. At the end of the day, that is why we really rescue, foster, and search for the perfect new forever home for a beloved family member.

We couldn’t do this without the help of all of you. All donations, large and small are so appreciated!

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