Yes, My Name was Shakie Butt

This boy was named Shakie Butt. Yes, that’s what his loving owner named him, most likely shakie-butt-after1because that’s what he did. That’s what all Cocker cuties do.  His owner had to go to the hospital and begged her neighbor to take care of her dogs until she got out, which she was supposed to do!  Then she had a stroke, and died.  The neighbor continued to take care of Shakie Butt since his owner died at the beginning of October, but Shakie Butt was still living at his owner’s house, and the neighbor couldn’t take him herself.  The lady that died had a nephew (the only living relative) that the neighbor contacted and he told her, “open the gate and let him out.” She wouldn’t think of doing that, so she contacted Second Chance Cocker Rescue.  We agreed to get him!

When we first got him, his coat was a mess. We just groomed him and wow, he is shakie-butt-beforereally a looker!  Underneath all that black fur, he is flecked with gray like a blue merle. He is a dapper and handsome boy.  He may have some English Cocker in him due to his coloring and his size and muzzle. He is a larger size boy. The neighbor who helped him after his owner died thought he was probably 5-6 years old, but his teeth look good, so he may be younger.  We will have a better idea when he sees our vet.

We changed his name to something more fitting for such a handsome fella, Wyatt. He does great with other dogs, not necessarily playing with them, but he is fine peacefully cohabitating with them.  He is good with people too.

Although Wyatt is not as desperate as some of our dogs, we need help getting him shakie-butt-after2vetted and ready to be adopted. Any donation, large or small is so appreciated. Wyatt is doing a happy dance shaking his butt in thanks!

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