Lucy Update – Three Times the Charm!

Lucy was adopted 5 years ago through SCCR by her previous owner.  He passed away this past img_0423summer leaving her sad and confused.  His dying wish was for her to get a “Third Chance.” SCCR always takes our dogs back, and eagerly began to look for Lucy’s new home.  Within a week she found a foster family who decided to make her a permanent part of their family. Lucky Lucy! Her new Cocker siblings were a bit skeptical at first, but now they share everything.

Lucy was well loved and taken care of by her previous owner, but she did come with some medical issues.  It was learned she had an unknown allergy and had developed a skin infection.  She had surgery for bladder stones in the past, and has a propensity to redevelop them requiring special care.  She also has had surgery for a torn ACL on one hind leg, and has ACL damage to the other leg requiring treatment.

It was decided we would try an alternative path to treat her ailments.  She visited a Holistic Vet to determine what we could do for her.  Her family started her off with a wholesome diet, supplements and Chinese herbs.  She also required weekly medicated baths for a month to deal with the skin infection.  To help stabilize her knee, she began wearing a special brace.  At her last checkup, she showed great improvement and the vet decided Lucy was ready to start Prolotherapy for her arthritis and ACL.  Unfortunately, it is going to be costly, and require several visits over approximately 4 months.

IMG_0433Lucy loves to be around people.  Her new siblings told her about this great gig as a Therapy Dog.  They have children read to them.  They get to de-stress College students during finals and get lots of attention.  They cheer up veterans and help patients in nursing homes.  Her family found an organization which certifies in this field, and she just completed the Therapy Dog program.  She recently interviewed to be a volunteer employee with VITAS Paw Pals to help hospice patients like her dad and siblings.  Lucy is looking forward to feeling better and giving back.

Lucy is part of the SCCR Sanctuary Program, where we pay all her medical needs while her family provides for her other needs and plenty of love.  Her total expenses are expected to exceed $1,500 with ongoing monthly prescription expenses of about $100. Any amount you can donate to help with Lucy’s expenses, helps us to take care of Lucy and all of our other medical and senior dogs. We can’t do it without our “pack.” Thank you!

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