A Senior Sweetie in Desperate need of TLC




We received an urgent message asking for assistance with a senior girl, named Maxie abandoned on the streets. Two wonderful ladies made it their mission to get this poor baby urgently needed medical care. Second Chance Cocker Rescue was contacted and asked to take Maxie, and help her with her health issues. How could we say no!

maxie-2Maxie has severely rotted teeth and will likely need all removed! She is also likely suffering from limited vision, and appears to be hearing impaired, from chronic ear infections as well. This severely neglected baby is the sweetest little angel! Gentle and sweet, even in her discomfort!

Maxie needs our help to live out her last days pain-free, and in a secure and loving home. Maxie will need money to assist with her many medical bills! Can you please find it in your heart to help this senior sweetheart with a generous donation? Maxie would appreciate your generosity!

Maxie will also need a foster home, or perhaps a forever home of her own when her medical needs are met! Thanks for your continued generosity! Please consider being a sponsor for Maxie! Puppy hugs from Maxie!


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