Honoring our Cocker Kids

Penny LaneLast week was my scramble to get taxes done week. And we finally made our appointment with an estate attorney to get our trust reviewed. It is 20 years old and it needed a quick review and updating. It was a chance to add Second Chance’s H.A.L.O. program into our trust so our Cockers have a safety net in case our family can’t step up and take care of my beloved babies. We have been meaning to do this, talking about it and generally procrastinating for several years. Now it is done and it feels great. The other thing we were able to do was to add SCCR as a beneficiary. We had spoken to several other super Cocker supporters who had also included SCCR in their trusts and felt this was the best way to help ensure our work continues.
I attended a pet estate planning seminar several years ago and that attorney said one thing that really stuck with me. If you own a house, have kids or pets you need a trust. I agree. Our furkids deserve better than a scramble by family members after you pass, playing “who gets stuck with the dog” and then guess who ends up at the shelter because no one was really prepared to step up. Think about this now, be prepared and use H.A.L.O. as your safety net if no friends or family are available to take your baby the way they thought they would be. Life happens and your Cocker deserves to know he will be taken care of no matter what.
H.A.L.O. is for all Cocker Spaniel owners not just SCCR alumni. It is priced so even moderate estates can afford it and we will commit to be your safety net for your Cocker Spaniel just when you are gone.
If you sign up for H.A.L.O. or not please, please make sure your dog is taken care of in your estate planning.  And if you are a super Cocker supporter then consider including SCCR in your will. We intend on rescuing Cocker Spaniels, one dog at a time, forever and ever and ever.
Now, the taxes are done, the Cockers taken care of and it is time for me to get back to work!
Elizabeth Mazzetti
President and Founder,
Second Chance Cocker Rescue

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