Davey’s Dental Drama

Davey1This is Davey. You may wonder why this handsome boy is not smiling. He came to Second Chance Cocker Rescue with terrible teeth. He was having a hard time eating because he was in so much pain. If you lifted his gum you could see the exposed roots and abscesses in his gums. We looked at his paperwork and were shocked to see he had just had a dental cleaning the week before. On closer look we realized the vet he was taken to did a “non-anesthesia dental cleaning.” That explained everything. Most people think they are taking good care of their dogs teeth when they spend $80-$120 on a non-anesthesia dentals. This boy got a $200 ultrasound cleaning that did nothing for his dental health. These cleanings are nothing but surface and cosmetic.

We took him to our vet to give him a proper dental cleaning. During this procedure, his teeth were so bad he needed to have 14 of them pulled. FOURTEEN abscessed and hugely painful teeth that his owner didn’t even know he had! Don’t waste your money and risk the health of your dog on non-anesthesia dentals. No reputable vet will do this procedure or recommend it.

It cost SCCR $800 to have Davey’s teeth cleaned and extracted.  Davey is about 12 and probably never had proper dental care before. Can you imagine what your teeth would look like if you didn’t brush or go to the dentist for 12 years?

Now that we have Davey on the road to recovery, he will be residing at our new Bed & Biscuit home. He is also available for adoption and eligible for our sanctuary program.

Any donations toward the care of this boy’s teeth is much appreciated!

We will post updates and new photos soon, and  we’ll see him smiling again!

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