Henry Needs Help

Henry 2 croppedSecond Chance Cocker Rescue got a call from a family member about this sweet boy named Henry who was being abused by another family member. She pulled him out of the house and dropped him off with an SCCR rescuer/foster mom yesterday. We will have to evaluate him carefully to make sure his experience hasn’t created any aggression issues, but so far he is a sweetheart. This is where his foster mom found him when she returned home; on the kitchen counter. Henry wideHe really made himself at home!

We will take care of Henry now and the family can deal with their problems without worrying about Henry. Sometimes life happens. We can’t fix everyone’s problems but we can help the Cockers who need us.

Henry also has some digestive issues and possible thyroid problem that we will have to get under control before he can go to a forever home, but with a lot of TLC we are hoping he will feel better and be a wonderful family member.

Vetting and healing this sweet soul are needed. All donations, large or small are much appreciated!

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